Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hope less

           This is my recently favourite love song -Jay Chow 明明就

One of my twist and harsh feeling story in my heart always. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Thirst Party

Party with kiyoo=)

Drink while enjoying

Actually, am really don know to enjoy the party, because im not really like the music without singer. But i seen everyone is very high and enjoying the party. Me and my friend just seat a side to enjoy our drink=P
Not really happy on yesterday cause occur some happen and destroyed our mood. Anyway, everything's is passed...

                                                          Don't worry Be happy Today

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Novemberrrr F.U.N

Found this place and am very like it. I am very recommend this place for Japan styles Steamboat. The place is quite inside and difficult to find, but luckily somebody bring me here=D
Nice environment, every things like freshness,simple and nice 

     Its special about the steamboat is use by carbon

Heineken is must be during steamboat
All of my family

Tong yuen for dessert
best seller and recommended

Dog mummy born new baby to our family
is so so so cutie

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hello November

This picture is took by Ms Seoh! Godiva Pavilion =) 

Godiva Dark Chocolate Cake ( prefer when starve) 
is too c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e 

           Again Godiva Chocolate Milk shake 

Am sorry for long time did not update for my blog, Emma update now! Went to CEO at Fahrenheit88 on yesterday night, my colourful theme is ''black'' colour. Is because i had no any colourful idea am should wear to attend my ''women'' birthday celebration.

Ribbon bow tie for birthday Girl

Captured my new Camera, colourful theme orange blue yellow and ''black'' Hide to smile ..Lovely women
                                          Birthday girl--- wishing you guys have a dream come true

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Oct month

I have a question before, the god why so cruel, gave me something that important and to took back?
 Now i might understand that when you lost somethings, it is because that you deserves more better.    

Recently, i am began to want to come back here, really long long long time disappear and did not update my blog, miss it so much 
A world give you thousand of sad cases, that will also give you one thing of smile. 

Times flies super fast, 3 months holiday is passed and back to study again. I will be busy for my study, it is because the time from morning until evening and many coursework to start >< . Sometimes i feel so so so stress, but i knew everything's will be alright.

In the city, people indeed to be reality, i am not to supposed said everyone, but only the most reality people. I hate it, when they purposed need you or got any advantages for them, they will near you and close to you. Some times, friend is not longer, they will because a little things or them self  do not be friend. For her, i am really disappointed, it is because we know each other from her ex. In the beginning, we really like bestie friend, and talk heart to each other, but end up be worst. The reason because they relation is broke up, said truths i am really sad of this story.
                In the above, the picture show out the sad face but will another smile face to come.
                                                      I'm waiting to come =]